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We have been repair SAAB since about 2002. We combine work with passion, as you will see by visiting our Saab Service Rumia in Poland. We are an independent SAAB specialist and we take care of all SAAB models - SAAB 99, 900, 9-3, 9-5, 9-7.


As an independent SAAB service, we offer fully professional SAAB repair. We are a SAAB specialist and we diagnose and repair all SAAB models. This is not only ongoing maintenance and repair, but also more demanding and complicated repairs. We offer completely engine repairs, turbine regeneration, diesel throttle regeneration, timing belt replacement and much more. Knowledge and experience allow us to accurately diagnose problems. We know the failures and faults that most often occur in SAAB. If you have a problem with Your SAAB, please contact us.


Routine Car Repairs

Turbine Regeneration

Transmission Repairs

Engine Repairs

Timing Belt Replacement

Air conditioning repair and maintenance

Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems

Diagnostics and Programming TECH-2



Saab Rumia
Service with passion

Our service is located in northern part of Poland in Rumia City in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. We have repair Polish SAAB fans cars but not only. We also have a guests from all Europe because Saab is a brand which is still loved by many People all over Europe.


Saab 900 Convertible for Sale

Two cars Saab 900 Cabrio for Sale. The cars have been restored, have a new paintwork and new leather upholstery.

Saab 9-5NG Hirsch Style Diffuser

Hirsch Style Diffuser for Saab 9-5NG. It's additional rear bumper for Saab 9-5NG. Do You like them? We have it for sale!

Show Your SAAB

If You have Saab from Your dream, please send us a photo. We will post it on our website.

SAAB Service Rumia Poland - mechanic, service, diagnostic and repair Saab. Independent Saab specialist - regular service and running Saab repair, such as engine overhaul or throttle regeneration. You can cheaply and well repair Your Saab in our Service.